Organizational and Strategic Development

It takes “outside the box” thinking to solve today’s complex problems. Our approach recognizes that the wisdom to solve problems and forge sustainable systems lies within the organizations and clients served. This holistic approach to our consulting work draws upon best practices in organizational development, leadership, executive coaching, strategic planning, and operational execution. We help clients to identify key issues affecting their organizations and to gather information that will lead to problem solving ideas. We facilitate the development of action plans that reflect a “yes we can” attitude that yield proven results. Key components of effective organizational development include:.

  • Assessment of Organizational Effectiveness
  • Best Practices Research and New Programs Development
  • Business Plan Development
  • Executive Coaching Services
  • Executive Management Services including Executive Transition and Public Agency Administration
  • Fund Development and Grant writing
  • Integrated Communications and Marketing Strategy Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technology Development and Integration Strategy

Strategic Planning

PSC’s comprehensive strategic planning process brings together the full array of stakeholders to develop a commonly held mission and vision for the organization through an agreed upon approach. Using proven techniques, we help your organization articulate and prioritize goals, objectives and timelines. This process produces a description of where the organization is going, where it wants to go, and how it should get there, with a clear understanding among all stakeholders as to why the priorities and implementation strategies are established. This approach facilitates engagement, honesty and trust within communities, organizations and individuals in implementing the planning process.

Executive Coaching

Are you feeling stuck? Need another point of view? We will empower you to turn good intentions into great results. PSC specializes in providing coaching for directors and administrators. We understand the operational, time management, and managerial challenges facing executives that often go unaddressed until they can no longer be ignored. Our executive coaches bring the benefit of their experiences as nonprofit and corporate managers and address stumbling blocks that are in the way of your growing organization.

Board and Staff Training

Developing a functioning and knowledgeable board of directors is an ongoing challenge faced by most organizations – especially in these challenging times. PSC helps board members to identify their strengths and weaknesses and provide training sessions that address areas that the board agrees need attention or development. This can include board recruitment, governance, and fundraising – whatever your board needs, we can provide it! When it comes to staff training, we help to create a new energy by building an effective service delivery team with staff members who understand the vision and goals of the organization and how they fit it the big picture. Roles, responsibilities and team building are core to our strategy to constructing a team that enjoys (yes, I said it – enjoys!) coming to work every day.


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