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Our goal is to solve problems so that they stay solved.

2014 - Pendergrass Smith Consulting

2014 - Pendergrass Smith Consulting

2014 - Pendergrass Smith Consulting continues to provide services to cities, counties, community-based organizations and churches, primarily in the area of prisoner reentry. Thanks to clients like Ross Mirkarimi and Michael Hennessey, the current and the retired Sheriff in San Francisco, and Ron Davis, the former Police Chief in East Palo Alto, CA (now the Director of the U.S. Office of Justice COPS component), PSC is now recognized as one of a handful of women-owned consulting firms that spec (read more...)

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Pendergrass Smith Consulting

Pendergrass Smith Consulting (PSC) provides a comprehensive array of management services that develop ideas on how to address client needs, formulate viable plans to outline their strategy and provide the facilitation necessary to help clients to achieve their goals. For every idea that we either suggest or that you present us, we will focus on developing and managing this idea to guarantee your success.

  • IDEAS - Problem Solving that Generates "Outside the Box" Thinking
  • PLANNING - Preparation that Reflects a YES-WE-CAN Attitude
  • FACILITATION - Skilled Support that is Thoughtful, Caring and Open

We offer a wide range of complementing management services that include Organizational & Strategic Development, and Implementation, Management & Evaluation.

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