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Pendergrass Smith Consulting

PSC provides a comprehensive array of services that:
  • Develop original ideas to solve a problem or need.
  • Formulate viable plans that outline your unique strategy and approach.
  • And provide the facilitation necessary to help YOU achieve your goals.

For every idea that we either suggest or that you present us, we will focus on developing and managing this idea to guarantee your success.

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We offer Organizational & Strategic Development along with Implementation, Management & Evaluation services that puts the power to solve any problem within the grasp of the people affected:

  • IDEAS - Problem Solving that Generates "Outside the Box" Thinking
  • PLANNING - Preparation that Reflects a YES-WE-CAN Attitude
  • FACILITATION - Skilled Support that is Thoughtful, Caring and Open

How Our Process Works

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By observing, listening and reviewing documents, we will find out:

  • What do you already know?
  • What do you already do?
  • What have you been achieving?
  • What are external stakeholders saying about you?
  • What systems work and don’t work within your group, department and/or organization?
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Questions to both internal and external stakeholder groups, staff, consumers, and others who want and need for you to succeed. Questions such as:

  • What do you expect to achieve?
  • What does success look like?
  • How do you know what you are doing is working?
  • What could you be doing better?

Ideas come from the recognition that an opportunity to improve is a gift that keeps on giving.

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We help you to design strategies that move beyond a transactional intervention to a transformational one – that is, an intervention that results in changing attitudes, strengthening cross cultural relationships and improving stakeholder experiences.

Sometimes this can be as simple as adding a step to your already established system or process. Or sometimes a more complex strategy is needed that involves developing an entirely different approach.

Either way, the right strategy will be obvious, overwhelmingly accepted and implemented as a natural part of doing your business.

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...and to develop the core skills and competencies necessary to replicate such processes in the future.

Facilitation can help with learning how to run productive meetings and large group session.

Also, facilitation can allow leaders to participate in strategic session.


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